1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and Burglary Charges Dismissed

The Anderson Law Firm recently was successful in having charges of 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and 1st Degree Burglary dismissed in Meeker County District Court. In this case, our client was accused of forcing his way into a home and sexually assaulting another individual therein. Despite the lack of any physical evidence and no… Read more »

Child Pornography Charges for Local High School Principal

What is Criminal Sexual Conduct? It is a grouping of crimes that include some of the following: rape molestation incest sexual assault statutory rape child pornography For Chanhassen High School principal, Timothy Scott Dorway, criminal sexual conduct means child pornography. Dorway was arrested at his home in early December by authorities who received a tip… Read more »

Do you know your gun rights?

The second amendment, which is the right to ‘keep and bear arms’ is and has come under scrutiny and been subjected to interpretation since inception in December 1791. Despite the continued controversy over the meaning of this amendment the inalienable right to possess a firearm for protection has not changed. Although Gun Rights apply to a person’s… Read more »

Manslaughter Charges for Minnesota Daycare Provider

Amy Jo Englebretson was running an unlicensed daycare out of her home in North St. Paul the day a 6-month-old baby girl was found unresponsive by emergency personnel. The child died a short time later at the hospital. On August 8, 2016, Englebretson had put the child in her car seat for a nap and… Read more »

What to do if Accused of Criminal Sexual Conduct/Rape

An allegation of criminal sexual conduct/rape made against you is terrifying  Not only do you face a criminal accusation, but it jeopardizes your reputation with family, friends and society. Anyone can be charged with sexual misconduct. Variations of this crime include sexual harassment, sexual assault, molestation of a minor, creation and/or possession of child pornography… Read more »

Federal Court Showdown Between Minnesota Mom and Transgender Daughter

A Minnesota woman, Anmarie Calgaro, is suing her transgender daughter, two not-for-profit health care providers, St. Louis County and their school district. The suit alleges that medical treatment was provided to the woman’s son without the mother’s knowledge or consent. The treatment consisted of hormone replacement therapy as well as other unspecified treatments and counseling in… Read more »

McIntosh Man Faces Federal Charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct

Child sex crimes are among the most heinous injustices perpetrated on our young. Being charged with these types of crimes comes with a lifetime stigma for the accused and can be very difficult to defend oneself against once the charge is made. Earlier this month, the Polk County Sheriff’s office was contacted by a friend of… Read more »

Trump Victory Drove Woman to Drink (and Drive and Get a DWI)

The day following the presidential election was not a good one in more ways than one for a local woman. Elizabeth Lundberg was charged in a chain reaction accident that involved 2 other vehicles at a red light in Lino Lakes. No one was seriously injured in the crash. When police arrived on the scene,… Read more »

Weapons Charges Worrisome To Prosecutors

Next to assaults, weapons charges are some of most serious types of crimes or probation violations. Should you be worried about receiving prison time as a result? Simply, yes. Some types of weapons charges, depending on your state of residence, carry with them mandatory sentencing guidelines. This means that a conviction for a weapons charge, could carry a lengthy period of prison… Read more »