Accused of a Probation Violation?

Probation is considered a privilege extended in lieu of jail time. At the time an individual’s case is probated, they are presented with the conditions of that probation. Conditions of probation vary by jurisdiction, and even by judge. Conditions can impose drug testing, curfew, travel restrictions, and whatever else the judge decrees. It is very important to read and have a full understanding of the conditions of probation in order to avoid a violation. A probation violation is failure to complete any of the conditions of probation. This can be as simple as failure to pay for drug testing, an accidental curfew violation, or as obvious as a new arrest. If the probation officer believes that you have violated your probation, they can refer you for a hearing to determine whether probation will be revoked. If probation is revoked, the individual may spend the as much as the entire original sentence in jail.

Anytime you go to court, it is best to have a criminal defense attorney by your side. Attorneys are well-educated on the law and are able to secure the best possible outcome for their clients. It is smart to engage an attorney as soon as an individual becomes aware that they are charged with a violation. Even if you are found to have violated probation, an attorney can help you avoid jail and get your probation reinstated. If you are in need of an attorney to help you through a probation violation hearing, Kirk Anderson Law is here to help.

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