Does Facial Recognition Software Used by Law Enforcement have Bias?

Several concerns exist over the widespread use of facial recognition software by police departments. This new, unregulated technology has integral bias. The data sets were not inclusive when they were collected, and the algorithms that function as the instructions to the machine learning platforms have built-in, unconscious¬†bias. There is not, at this point, a system… Read more »

3 Things You Should Tell Your Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

Chances are you’ve never been accused of a crime before. So you’ve never had to think of criminal defense tips. It’s one thing to watch TV shows and follow the crimes being committed and the defenses that lawyers use for them. But it’s another thing when you’ve been accused of these crimes yourself. At this… Read more »

Can I Be Held Responsible For Letting a Friend Drive Drunk?

Every state is in the midst of a crackdown on drunk drivers, including Minnesota. However, we all have a part to play in keeping drunk drivers off the road. If your friend becomes inebriated, you may become conflicted between letting them make their own decisions and keeping someone potentially too drunk to drive off the… Read more »

Accused of a Probation Violation?

Probation is considered a privilege extended in lieu of jail time. At the time an individual’s case is probated, they are presented with the conditions of that probation. Conditions of probation vary by jurisdiction, and even by judge. Conditions can impose drug testing, curfew, travel restrictions, and whatever else the judge decrees. It is very… Read more »

Drug Overdoses and Minneapolis Homicide Defense Lawyers

Having an accidental drug overdose turn into a homicide charge is a harrowing legal situation. Such proceedings are less common than more traditional homicide charges, and the legal nuances are often more complicated. Defendants in this situation must obtain a top notch attorney with wide-ranging experiences. Kirk M. Anderson is that attorney. No Homicide Charges… Read more »

Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer If You Need Character Witnesses

You may already be familiar with what an evidentiary witness is: that’s the person who heard or saw the events in contest. They testify about it after being sworn in on the witness stand. They contribute to whether or not the fact-finder — either a judge or a jury — renders an acquittal. You may… Read more »

Is Your Slip & Fall Injury Compensable?

A slip & fall injury accident may seem like an open-and-shut case, but more details surround it than you may realize. Hiring an experienced personal injury firm is a great way to fortify your case and maximize your retribution potential. Four crucial questions will arise as the details of your case unravel: Did You Experience… Read more »

How an Attorney Can Help if You are Charged with a Drug Offense

The drug epidemic in the United States is a very serious issue that affects millions of people on a daily basis. Because of this, drug-related criminal offenses are taken very seriously in the court of law. If you are charged with a drug-related offense, hiring a criminal defense attorney would be very beneficial. Consultation When… Read more »