Domestic Assault

While domestic assault has become rather common within society, there are also a lot of exaggerated or false accusations that are brought against individuals. This is especially true when these individuals are involved in divorces, child custody arguments, or other such family-related legal matters. Sometimes accusations can be the result of a vendetta. Fortunately, you… Read more »

Divorce, Child Support & Custody Disputes

Divorce can be difficult or it can be easy. If a divorce is heavily contested by one or both parties, mediation may be needed or the case can go to trial and a judge can make the final decisions. Contested divorces typically involve custody and child support, spousal support, property and debt division, and a… Read more »

Criminal Sexual Conduct/Rape

Being accused of criminal sexual conduct can be very devastating and can leave you confused. You may be wondering what to do next. While it may be difficult, it is important to not panic and call your Minneapolis criminal sexual conduct lawyer as soon as possible. The moment you are investigated or charged, you need… Read more »

Civil Litigation

If your rights have been violated in any way or you need to settle a dispute against you, you need a Minnesota civil litigation attorney to help you throughout the process so you can adequately defend yourself or pursue the party who violated your rights. Even if a person has been convicted of a criminal… Read more »

Drug Crimes

Charged with a drug crime? Criminal drug charges can be confusing. A lot of rumors, myths, and false information can be found on the internet and from friends. Don’t give up your rights or your future based on bad information, frustration, confusion, and or fear. Law enforcement officers in the state of Minnesota are committed… Read more »