When is Social Activism Disorderly Conduct?

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer In times of political or social conflict, many Americans feel the need to protest or challenge the institutions they feel need to change. This type of social activism includes marches, public rallies or meetings, and other public gestures such as strikes, as well as the more traditional and conservative techniques of… Read more »

Why Victims Can’t Drop Domestic Assault Charges

Minneapolis Domestic Assault Lawyer There is a long standing misconception that when it comes to domestic violence that those being charged with it can talk their way out of charges. Things got a little heated one night and before they realize it, they were under arrest for domestic assault. Now if they could make a… Read more »

The Facts and Impact of a Minnesota B-Card & DWI Arrest

Drivers in Minnesota who have had their driver’s license canceled after three or more DWI or impaired driving convictions within ten years or four such convictions on their record can apply for a B-Card if certain conditions are met. But before applying, it’s important to know the facts and impact of a B-Card. A B-Card is a restricted driver’s license issued after an offender… Read more »

Knife Laws In Minnesota: Be Aware Of Potential Weapons Charges

Knife laws vary greatly between states, and even sometimes change drastically between different locations within a state. It’s important to know what the local laws are before you carry a knife outside of your home. Fortunately, the laws across the state of Minnesota are fairly uniform. The default knife laws for any area are those… Read more »