DWI Defense: Do Not Let A DWI Ruin Your Holiday Season

The holiday season is generally a time of cheerfulness and excitement. Now, maybe more than ever before, many people are looking forward to a season that it is known to bring cheer and fun. The holiday season is also a time where many will indulge in a few drinks in a bar, at home, or… Read more »

First Time DWI Chemical Test Request: Should I Refuse?

Driving under the influence is a real safety and legal risk, but it’s not uncommon. The same is true of DUI/DWI traffic convictions. Are you facing a first-time DWI chemical test request from an officer in the state of Minnesota? If so, here’s what you need to know, and what you should do about it…. Read more »

If Asked to Take a Sobriety Test, Can I Contact a Defense Attorney?

In the state of Minnesota, drunk driving is a criminal offense. Officers will watch out for signs of unusual or negligent driving, and pull people over with the assumption of alcohol or substance abuse. It’s a common enough crime, but still a crime. That means that how you choose to handle the situation could have… Read more »

Minnesota Underage Drinking: Possible Legal Defenses

Underage consumption of alcohol is a crime that is not taken lightly in the state of Minnesota. Specifically, Minnesota state law prohibits any person under the age of 21 from consuming alcohol in nearly all cases under statute M.S.340A.503. Those found to be in violation of this law, including adults who illegally furnish alcohol to minors,… Read more »

Do I Have to Answer Police Questions During a Traffic Stop?

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Kirk Anderson During a traffic stop, many drivers discover that their adrenaline levels go through the roof. What are they supposed to say? Will failing to answer get them in trouble? Generally, during a traffic stop, you’ve already done something wrong that led to the officer pulling you over. Should you… Read more »

“Have You Been Drinking?” How Drivers Can Respond During Traffic Stops

Police Questioning During Traffic Stops If a police officer pulls you over while you’re driving, they may ask you, “Have you been drinking?” It’s important to understand the potential consequences of answering this question. You have certain rights during police encounters in Minnesota, including traffic stops. During a traffic stop, the police will likely first… Read more »