What Are the Consequences of a Felony DWI?

In Minnesota, the consequences of a felony DWI begin when someone is charged with that offense. However, that person doesn’t receive criminal penalties as a consequence unless there’s a conviction. The following is a brief overview of what felony DWI is and the difference between the administrative sanctions for being charged and the criminal penalties… Read more »

Do I Have the Right to Remain Silent During a Traffic Stop?

“You have the right to remain silent,” is more than a popular phrase from TV shows. During police encounters, it’s a right that’s protected by the U.S. Constitution. This right pertains no matter where you are: on foot, in a public place, or in a vehicle. However, some unique scenarios arise during traffic stops that the… Read more »

How to Get a Work Permit After a DWI Conviction

Minnesota is, fortunately, one state that allows some drivers who have had their drivers’ license suspended to obtain a limited license which enables them to drive during their suspension period. Not everybody is eligible for a limited license and these licenses come with restrictions that must be strictly followed. Drivers who have had their license… Read more »

What is The Minnesota Open Bottle Law?

Drinking and driving is a serious concern across the country, and over the past several decades punishments for it have become more and more severe. Not only that, but many actions associated with drinking and driving have now become offenses in their own right. One of these actions are so-called “open bottle laws,” which generally… Read more »

Can You Refuse to Show ID to Minnesota Police?

You’ve been stopped while going about your business in what you assumed was a perfectly ordinary way. Now, there’s a police officer asking for your identification. Do you have to give it to them? Minnesota Law According to Minnesota Law, a police officer does not have the right to simply request your identification at random–that… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions about DWI in Minnesota

Whether you live in Minnesota or are just passing through, it’s a good idea to have solid information you will need to handle a police officer pull-over in our state for DWI. Here are answers to the questions drivers commonly have concerning drunk driving. What is BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration? If a police officer… Read more »

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a DWI Lawyer?

After DWI charges, you will often find yourself faced with a number of challenges–and hiring a lawyer is likely at the top of your list. If funds are tight, unfortunately, you may worry about the cost of hiring a lawyer. How much will it actually cost to hire a DWI lawyer in Minnesota? Your fees… Read more »

What to Do if Stopped for Drunk Driving in Minnesota?

Drivers in Minnesota can avoid fines, arrests, and lawsuits if they abide by the laws enforced by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the easily understood driving regulations and statutes of the state. Unfortunately, there are numerous occasions when Minnesotans suffer from loss of sound judgment and the inability to navigate a vehicle safely due to… Read more »