Can You Be Pulled Over For a DWI on an Anonymous Tip?

If you had a few too many to drink, and someone tells you that you probably should not be driving as you stumble out to your car, you should probably listen to them. It is in everyone’s best interest to drink and drive responsibly. However, alcohol doesn’t always make us the most reasonable people, so… Read more »

How Much Will You Pay For a Good Minnesota DWI Lawyer?

A DUI arrest can have a big impact on your life. One of the biggest impacts can be a financial one. DUI arrests come with fines, court fees, and increased insurance premiums. A lot of people try to limit the expense of their arrest by representing themselves in court instead of hiring an experienced Minneapolis DWI… Read more »

What Is the Minnesota Open Bottle Law?

Being arrested for drunk driving is something that many people have experienced. And for anyone who really has been drinking, the police have a good reason to want them safely off the road. But there’s nothing more frustrating than being charged with a drunk-driving related crime when you are sober as a judge. Unfortunately, that… Read more »

Police Mistakes That Can Cause Your DWI Charge to Be Thrown Out

DWIs are a fact of life. There are so many life circumstances and bad decisions that can lead to someone driving while intoxicated that any one instance comes as no surprise. But when that one DWI arrest is you, it can seem monumentally unfair. You can’t help but think how there are thousands of people… Read more »

What to Consider Before Accepting a Plea Deal For Your DWI Case

Minneapolis DWI Lawyer Kirk Anderson Make no mistake, a DWI charge is a serious offense, and one that will stay with you on your record long after the criminal punishments are over. However, some may think their defense case is kind of a lost cause. You were indeed driving while intoxicated when arrested, so how… Read more »

Minnesota DWI Lawyer

Charged With DWI in Minnesota? Call Kirk Anderson Today! If you think drinking and driving is a good risk to take, Minnesota is probably not the state you should be living in currently. A DWI arrest can be followed by administrative and criminal consequences. The severity of the punitive actions is dictated by the facts… Read more »

Reasons to Hire a Minnesota DWI Attorney

Need a Minnesota DWI Attorney? Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense that can result in loss of driving privileges, significant financial penalties, and even jail time. If you are charged with a DWI, hiring an attorney to represent you would be very beneficial. An experienced DWI attorney can… Read more »

How Your DWI Defense Might Start at the Traffic Stop

When it comes to a drunk driving charge, the first stage of the DWI process is the traffic stop where the officer pulls you over and deems that you are intoxicated. This moves on to the roadside sobriety stage that determines if you are indeed above the legal limit of intoxication. However, even if it… Read more »

Trump Victory Drove Woman to Drink (and Drive and Get a DWI)

The day following the presidential election was not a good one in more ways than one for a local woman. Elizabeth Lundberg was charged in a chain reaction accident that involved 2 other vehicles at a red light in Lino Lakes. No one was seriously injured in the crash. When police arrived on the scene,… Read more »

Celebrity DWIs: Double Trouble for the Celebs Who Get Them

It seems that some celebrities have a penchant for getting DWIs. After all, they certainly go to more parties than the average American and probably love to drive whatever insanely fast car they have at the moment whenever they get a chance. Unfortunately, some need to learn when a chauffeured limo would be the better… Read more »