Physical control or how to get a DWI without driving in Minnesota

While many Minnesotans might believe that they cannot be charged with driving while impaired unless they are stopped while their vehicles are moving, the law says otherwise. In Minnesota, it is possible to be arrested and charged with a DWI even while the vehicle is stopped and the car is turned off under certain circumstances…. Read more »

Can an Intoxicated Person Get a DWI For Riding a Hoverboard?

Under Minnesota law, it is illegal to drive, operate, or control a “motor vehicle” while intoxicated over the legal blood-alcohol limit of .08. Minnesota defines “motor vehicle” as “every vehicle that is self-propelled and every vehicle that is propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires. The term includes motorboats in operation and off-road recreational… Read more »

The Facts and Impact of a Minnesota B-Card & DWI Arrest

Drivers in Minnesota who have had their driver’s license canceled after three or more DWI or impaired driving convictions within ten years or four such convictions on their record can apply for a B-Card if certain conditions are met. But before applying, it’s important to know the facts and impact of a B-Card. A B-Card is a restricted driver’s license issued after an offender… Read more »

Commercial Drivers Face Strict DWI Penalties in Minnesota

Minnesota law takes drunk driving very seriously; every state sets their own per se blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level (more commonly called the “legal limit”) for commercial drivers, and in Minnesota it’s 0.04. Commercial drivers face strict DWI penalties that can impact their ability to work and earn a living. For a first offense, a commercial driver transporting non-hazardous… Read more »

Challenging the Breathalyzer Test as a Defense to Minnesota DWI

You have been pulled over by a police officer. The officer suspects you of driving while intoxicated and arrests you. At some point you take a breathalyzer test. The test shows that your blood alcohol level is above .08%, which is the legal limit to drive. This sounds like an open and shut case, but… Read more »

DWI and Minors: What You (and Your Child) Need to Know

At some point in your life, you’ll have read or, at least, heard about a local teenager who was killed as the result of a drunk driving accident. Many times the information included in the report includes a high BAC of the teen driver and most likely everyone riding in the car. It’s an unfortunate… Read more »