Who Is Allowed to See My Record Once Expunged?

It can be difficult for a person who has a criminal record to do many things, such as get a job or an apartment. As soon as your potential employer/landlord does a background check, they’ll figure out that you have a criminal record, and this will pretty much negate your chances of getting that job… Read more »

A Quick Summary of Minnesota’s New Expungement Law

Starting last year life got just a little easier if you have a criminal record in Minnesota that has been keeping you from getting housing or employment. The state legislature amended key statutes, greatly extending the range of arrest and conviction records held by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehensions (BCA) and other agencies which a… Read more »

Minnesota’s New Expungement Law Offers A Second Chance

Anyone struggling to get back on their feet after serving a sentence for any sort of crime knows how difficult it is to get a job and housing. Thousands of former offenders in Minnesota have faced the same scenario: they complete their sentence and are anxious to start a new life, only to be confronted… Read more »