Is Your Slip & Fall Injury Compensable?

A slip & fall injury accident may seem like an open-and-shut case, but more details surround it than you may realize. Hiring an experienced personal injury firm is a great way to fortify your case and maximize your retribution potential. Four crucial questions will arise as the details of your case unravel: Did You Experience… Read more »

How an Attorney Can Help if You are Charged with a Drug Offense

The drug epidemic in the United States is a very serious issue that affects millions of people on a daily basis. Because of this, drug-related criminal offenses are taken very seriously in the court of law. If you are charged with a drug-related offense, hiring a criminal defense attorney would be very beneficial. Consultation When… Read more »

Diversions Programs for Juvenile Crimes in Minnesota

Subdivision 3 of Minnesota Statute § 260B.007 defines a child as an individual under 18 years of age. Children who violate local, state, or federal laws can be classified as delinquents or one of several different classifications of juveniles. Under Rule 17.01 of the Minnesota Rules of Juvenile Delinquency Procedure, juvenile petty offenders are children who have allegedly… Read more »

Proving a Murder Charge is Self-Defense

It is one of everyone’s worst fears. They get in a situation that turns violent, and suddenly someone else is on the ground and they won’t ever be getting up again. Committing murder is traumatic in its own right, but facing down a murder charge is even worse. However, in many cases, murder is not… Read more »

The Importance of Strategy in Civil Litigation

In the field of civil litigation, parties deal with issues related to the formation and dissolution of companies. Contract disputes, employment litigation, and covenants not to compete are among some of the other cases filed. But did you know that with the right strategy, it may be possible to avoid going to court? That said,… Read more »

Acts You Never Thought of Could be Viewed as Abuse

A charge of child abuse is very serious, and can change the course of your life forever. With more of an emphasis being placed on all types of abuses, more people are less apprehensive about reporting abuses they witness. An allegation of child abuse can come from anyone. Here is some more information about child… Read more »

Can I Get a Divorce When My Spouse Doesn’t Sign the Papers?

It has long been displayed through television and other media that if you want to slow up a divorce or otherwise make it more difficult, all you need to do is put off signing the papers. However, while this is pretty good for causing a little tension on television, it is really only in your… Read more »

Can Your Spouse Move Out of State if You Still Have Child Custody?

Often the most frustrating thing about child custody agreements, outside of not being able to see your children all the time, is that life circumstances do not stay the same. Your spouse may decide to move or may have to move for work-related reasons. However, even if you do not have primary custody, but still… Read more »

Computer Hacking: How Its Legality Has Changed

In 1975, at the age of just 19, Bill Gates started one of the largest corporations that the world has ever seen. But did you know that just 5 years before that he dialed into a nationwide network and successfully crashed the entire network after uploading a virus? Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were not… Read more »

Aggravated felonies and immigrants: Will you be deported?

Immigrants in the United States are seemingly under a lot of scrutiny. The US Supreme Court has said that immigrants who commit aggravated felonies face the “harshest deportation consequences.” What happens if, as an immigrant, you are charged with an aggravated felony in the US? The good news is that it does not always result in… Read more »