Child Custody

Whether it is in the context of a divorce or simply the termination of a relationship, if the couple had children, the determination of custody (legal and/or physical), and parenting time can be a very contentious issue.

Child custody and guardianship are legal terms that are sometimes used to describe the legal and practical relationship between a parent and his or her child, such as the right of the parent to make decisions for the child, and the parent’s duty to care for the child.

Family Law proceedings which involve issues of residence and contact often generate the most heated disputes. While many parents cooperate when it comes to sharing their children, not all do.

Child custody involves:

  • Legal Custody
  • Physical Custody
  • Sole Custody
  • Joint Custody

Minnesota Statute 518.003, sub. 3, defines the different forms of custody. Minnesota courts look to determine what is in the “best interest of the child” when determining custody arrangements. Minnesota Statute 518.17

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