Couple Arrested Transporting 900 pounds of Marijuana in RV

marijuana plants

A Minnesota couple got really creative earlier this month by combining recreational vehicles with recreational drugs. They were apprehended in Montana with over 900 pounds of marijuana in their RV. Blazing down the highways without an apparent care in the world, the couple was caught transporting the large haul from California back to Minnesota.

The couple was apprehended in the parking lot of a casino after Montana authorities received a tip from a drug task force located in Minnesota. They both pleaded guilty and are facing a minimum of 5 years in jail.


Transporting illegal drugs can result in numerous charges. In addition to local and state charges, the illegal transportation of controlled substances is a federal offense. Violators can be charged with any number of crimes from possession, possession with intent to distribute, and transporting illegal drugs across state lines.

As the couple discussed above have realized, drug-related crimes typically come with mandatory minimum sentences attached to them. So, no matter what “deals” are made or defense what is presented, violators cannot escape prison time.

Under Minnesota law, 152.0261 IMPORTING CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACROSS STATE BORDERS, transporting drugs across state lines into Minnesota results in a felony charge and, if found guilty, the guilty party faces a prison sentence of up to 35 years and can face fines up to $1.25 million dollars.

Anyone found guilty of first- or second-degree charges must serve the entire prison sentence and is not eligible for parole, probation, or any other type of early release.


There a few factors that will affect the sentence the judge orders for drug-related crimes. These include things like the type of drug involved and how much of the drug the person was found to be in possession of during the commission of the crime. In this case, because the drug was marijuana, the judge may not order a lengthy sentence (mandated minimums notwithstanding). However, the fact that the couple was found to be in possession of almost 1000 pounds of the substance would potentially motivate him to impose a longer sentence.

A person’s past criminal history may also play a part in the sentencing decision. If someone has been convicted of drug-related offenses in the past, it may increase their sentence for current convictions.

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