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The proliferation of crimes concerning drug trafficking, possession, distribution, and manufacturing is shockingly high across the nation. Unfortunately, Minnesota is not immune to these types of crimes. Examples of cases which have occurred in our state are both troubling and excessive.

Marijuana Growing Operation in Bemidji

On October 1, police arrested a 66-year-old man for growing marijuana on his property and possessing several loaded firearms. A Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived at the man’s house to investigate a stolen vehicle case, but, upon entering the house, they found more than they thought they would. The occupant had marijuana plants in most rooms of the house, in various stages of growth.

The officers also discovered loaded firearms which included shotguns, assault-style rifles, and black powder rifles. The man was taken into custody, then released until formal criminal charges are made.

Minnesota statute 152.027/Subd.1 states that a person who sells one or more mixtures containing a controlled substance classified as Schedule V, the lowest level substances, may be sentenced to one year of imprisonment or fined not more than $3,000, or both.

Huge Meth Seizure in Faribault

Task force agents and the Minneapolis police SWAT team seized almost 171 pounds of methamphetamine, street valued at $7.75 million on Sept. 14 in Faribault. Four suspects were arrested and have now been charged. Officers found five adults and three children at the residence in question.

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn explained that the raid was made due to a case of illegal drug sales in Rice and Le Sueur counties. Also at the location were a sawed-off shotgun, 1.1 ounces of heroin, and several thousand dollars in what seemed to be “drug cash.”

Meth is a Schedule II drug as defined in the Controlled Substances Act. Minnesota laws state that it is illegal to manufacture, possess, or sell methamphetamine. Violators can receive a sentence of as much as 30 years in prison or a $1 million fine, or both. If a child is found within the area where these activities are taking place, the child can be removed into protective custody and will receive a health screening. If the violators have endangered a child or vulnerable adult, they are subject to as much as five years of imprisonment or a fine of $10,000, or both.

Drug Trafficking Arrests in North Minneapolis

Three Minneapolis gang members face federal charges after being arrested for a drug-trafficking conspiracy. The three made money for their gang by distributing heroin, along with other criminal acts. The men carried guns to protect themselves and their drug distribution territory in spite of losing the right to have a firearm because of their past crimes.

In Minnesota, selling 10+ grams of heroin or possessing 25+ grams of heroin can result in 0-30 years in prison; a 4-year minimum if prior drug felonies have occurred, and up to a $1 million fine.

Fentanyl Operations

After a yearlong investigation, Duluth law enforcement agencies have arrested seven in what they are calling the first drug trafficking group distributing fentanyl.

We’ve done these roundups before but the significance of this is it’s the first time we’ve had a large drug trafficking organization in this area selling fentanyl, said Duluth police Lt. Jeff Kazel, commander of the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force. It’s the new era that we’re running into.

Once search warrants were executed, seizures were made resulting in the discovery of fentanyl, prescription pills, methamphetamine, heroin, and nine firearms. Cash in the amount of $21,000 was also found.

The Minnesota Department of Health reported in May of 2018 that the number of synthetic opioid-involved deaths rose  74 percent from 2016 to 2017. Most of these deaths were due to ingesting fentanyl. At this time, fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are the most significant concern among national opioid experts.

If you have been involved with a drug crime, these charges need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Drug crimes can become federal crimes in many cases. Contact us as soon as possible and let us assist you in any way we can.

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