Is Your Slip & Fall Injury Compensable?

A slip & fall injury accident may seem like an open-and-shut case, but more details surround it than you may realize. Hiring an experienced personal injury firm is a great way to fortify your case and maximize your retribution potential. Four crucial questions will arise as the details of your case unravel:

Did You Experience a Documentable Injury?

A documentable injury is one that a medical specialist can define on a tangible record. Documentation may include the injury description, the bill workup, and a treatment regime. You can add other losses such as work wages and rental expenses when you present your medical information to the attorney.

Was the Accident in the Other Party’s Realm of Responsibility?

Slip & fall accidents can be tricky when it comes to responsibility realms, and your attorney will review that aspect carefully. An example of a complex responsibility issue is a fall that happens in the outside parking lot because of rainfall. Questions will arise as to whether the other party was obligated to take any protective actions.

Were You Responsible for Your Fall?

Percentage of fault does matter in Minnesota, so your attorney will need to know if you contributed to your injury in any way. Inappropriate footwear and distracted walking are two factors that may have contributed to the incident. You may still be able to collect compensation if you were less than 50% responsible for the event, however.

Did the Other Party Notify You of the Danger?

The other party’s accountability will be a huge factor in the final decision on your claim. The party must have made a reasonable attempt to make you aware of the possible danger. Failure to do so constitutes neglect and may render the claim as payable.

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