Minnesota Statutes Forbid Racial Profiling at Traffic Stops

Have you been pulled over for “driving while black?” Unfortunately, racial profiling is still a thing, but Minnesota statutes forbid racial profiling at traffic stops. All traffic stops should be made for legitimate reasons, regardless of skin tone. Race, national origin, or ethnicity should never be a factor in whether or not a police officer pulls someone over. Charges resulting from an illegal stop can be thrown out, with the proper defense.

Our nation’s Bill of Rights states that “all men are created equal,” and Minnesota and all other states are responsible for protecting our constitutional rights. In-service training and periodic compliance reviews are some of the ways Minnesota is addressing the delicate issue of racial discrimination, but there is still much work to do. One bad cop can set back racial relations by decades in a community.

Being mistreated by law enforcement is a harrowing experience as many police brutality victims will attest. Even milder forms of police abuse are uncalled for and humiliating. Any abuse of government power needs to be addressed, so next time you get pulled over for “DWB,” contact us for help.

We will do our best to get you the justice you deserve, and you will be fighting for the civil rights of your fellow Minnesotans. Taking a stand against racism doesn’t mean you have a chip on your shoulder. It simply means that you recognize discrimination when you see it. Sometimes you have to play the race card, when law enforcement is guilty of stacking the deck.

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