Rice County Criminal Defense Attorney

Trying to navigate through the complicated Minnesota legal system is not something you should have to do, especially when you are already dealing with the emotional turmoil of a possible criminal conviction. At the Anderson Law Firm we not only provide you with aggressive legal representation but we also provide you with a better understanding of the process and your options so you can feel confident with the outcome.

What’s Next?

When you have been arrested for a crime you will most likely be taken into the police station where you will be able to contact an attorney for support. In some instances you may be placed in a holding cell or in others you will be able to go home until further investigation. This all depends on the case, the crime and how the situation has played out. Our mission is to minimize the damage and to ensure that you are able to go home as soon as possible. After this, we will continuously meet with you to discuss your case and determine the best defense to take in the buildup to your trial.

While you return home, we will go to work, gathering evidence and building a defense on your behalf. In the days, weeks or months leading up to the court date, we suggest laying low, spending time with loved ones and trying to focus on the good things in your life. This can be a stressful time and we are always there to answer questions and help you along the way.

Criminal Lawyer in Rice County MN

Our legal firm represents clients across Rice County that has been arrested. We specialize in felony and misdemeanor offenses including:

  • Criminal sexual conduct and other sex crimes
  • Assault, domestic violence and other violent crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • DWI and other drinking and driving offenses
  • Murder and homicide

Kirk Anderson has several years of experience as a criminal lawyer in Rice County. You can expect 24/7 support and compassion and an unwavering dedication to your case. Contact us at the Anderson Law Firm today at 952-582-2904 or by filling out a form on the side of this page.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Please contact attorney Kirk Anderson for an initial consultation.