St Paul Criminal Defense Lawyer

Putting your trust in a criminal defense lawyer is never easy. The person you choose to work with will be responsible for your future and this can be a scary thought. However, this is also why it is so important to choose someone that can deliver you the best outcome possible. When faced with any criminal accusation, from a misdemeanor to a felony offense, you have a lot on the line. Not only could you be looking at years of prison time, but you could also be faced with several thousands of dollars in fines that may put you in financial despair. You also have to think about what this means for your friends, your family, your finances and, most importunately, your future.

Put your faith in the best that St Paul has to offer – contact Anderson Law Firm as soon as you have been arrested for aggressive, tenacious and affordable legal representation.

St Paul DWI Attorney & Lawyer

Kirk Anderson and the team at Anderson Law Firm have several years of experience handling criminal defense accusations and arrests for clients across St. Paul. Our attorneys can help you if you have been accused of:

  • Criminal sexual conduct or rape
  • Homicide or murder
  • Drinking and driving accusations including DWI and OWI
  • Assault and battery accusations
  • Misdemeanor offenses
  • Other felony offenses

Act Fast for the Best Results

If you are faced with a legal battle you often will not know where to turn. Faced with an arrest can leave you stunned and paralyzed with fear. You may not even realize what is happening until you are not able to go home to your family and are facing a court date. It is completely natural to feel afraid and unsure where to turn which is why you should turn to the experts in the legal profession. Kirk Anderson and his team of St. Paul criminal lawyers can help you when you need it most. You are not expected to know what to do – this is why we are here for you.

If you feel like things have come derailed, let us handle your legal disputes so your life can get back on track. Contact us today at Anderson Law Firm today at 952-582-2904 or by filling out a form on the side of this page.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Please contact attorney Kirk Anderson for an initial consultation.