Minneapolis & St. Paul Stalking Defense Lawyer

When you are accused of stalking, you are facing very serious charges in Minnesota. You are most likely concerned with what the outcome in court will be. Fortunately, you have access to a Minnesota criminal defense attorney who wants to help you receive the best result.

Stalking cases tend to be rather difficult because there are a number of factors that come into play, such as your relationship to the alleged victim. Many times, there are so many emotions involved in these cases, which is what can make the case exceptionally stressful.

Focused Representation In Stalking Cases

There are many elements behind stalking. There are times when individuals stalk and they are not aware that they are doing it. Other times, individuals may not be aware that what they are doing is against the law. There are even instances when a person is accused of stalking when they did not commit the offense. False accusations tend to come about due to someone wishing to get revenge or stalking can be claimed in child custody cases in order to keep the non-custodial parent away. Whatever the reason behind the accusation, we are here to fight for your rights and help you clear your name.

What we do first is see what led to the charges and will use any evidence in your favor to help you receive the best result possible when you have the opportunity to defend yourself in court. If you are charged with stalking, an experienced Minneapolis criminal defense attorney can help you.

Defending Clients Against All Stalking Accusations

If you do any of the following acts, you could be charged with stalking and it could be considered a gross misdemeanor:

  • Showing intent to injure another person, their property, or violate their rights
  • Stalk, pursue, or monitor another person through a computerized device
  • Return to a person’s property without the consent of the property owner or tenant
  • Making repeated telephone calls or having someone else make calls to the alleged victim
  • Repeatedly sending messages, emails, or letters to the alleged victim

If convicted of stalking, the fines can be up to $3,000 and one year in jail. Stalking can be charged as a felony if the stalking involved discrimination, impersonation of another, use of a dangerous weapon, tampering with a judicial proceeding or a juror, or the victim was under 18 or more than 3 years younger than the offender. A pattern of harassment is also a factor that can aggravate the current charge

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If you have been accused of stalking, legal representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney is a must. The Anderson Law Firm, PLLC has been representing clients throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul who have been accused of stalking and other criminal offenses. The goal is to achieve the best outcome by presenting the facts and protecting your rights in the meantime. To learn more about how the Anderson Law Firm, PLLC can benefit your case, call 952-582-2904 for a free consultation.

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